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May 15th, 2019, 10:35 pm


to the inverter or motor. When servicing the motor, it is necessary to wait 3 minutes after turning this switch to the off position before working on motor power wiring as the inverter stores electrical power. To service the inverter, it is necessary to remove mains ahead of the drive and wait 3 minutes. Safety Notifications Manual Page 2/57 MANUAL These two manuals provide you with a general information how to use V3000 frequency inverter and how to apply, if needed, special applications. V3000 Installation manual provides you with the information necessary to install, start-up and operate the V3000 frequency converters. It is recommended that this manual is CDA3000 Operation Manual DE EN FR IT Dear user, Signposts Step Action Comment 1 This Operation Manual will enable you to install and commission the CDA3000 drive system very quickly and easily. Guide to quick-starting 2 Simply follow the step-by-step tables in sections 2/3/4. Experience "Plug 'n Play" with the CDA3000. And away you go! 1 Safety SINUS M VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE USER MANUAL -Installation and Programming Instructions- Many of the diagrams and drawings in this instruction manual show the inverter without a circuit 2 Installation Provides instructions on how to install the Sinus M inverter. 3 . Wiring . inverter output and the motor, please guarantee the inverter is switched on/off without output, otherwise may damage the inverter. (8) The inverter may meet with mechanical resonance of the load within certain range of frequency output, can set up jumping frequency to evade. zThe inverter can be easily set for high-speed operation. Before changing its setting, fully examine the performances of the motor and machine. zIn addition to the inverter's holding function, install a holding device to ensure safety. zBefore running an inverter which had been stored for a long period, always perform inspection and test operation. INSTRUCTION MANUAL Single-phase 200V input FVR-E11S-7EN Three-phase 4

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